My astrophoto logbook with all nights, objects, achieved milestones and my journey into astrophotography since I started this passion in autumn 2020.

My astrophoto logbook 2020-2023

DateLensObjectdetails, milestones, links
09/23/2020SW Evostar 90/900MarsMy first photo with a telescope.
1st Focalprojection!
1st Planet!
10/03/2020SW Evostar 90/900Moon1st Moon!
10/19/2020SW Evostar 90/900Mars
11/04/2020SW Evostar 90/900MarsFirst videos for lucky imaging.
1st Ocularprojection!
1st Lucky Imaging!
Astrophoto: Mars
11/29/2020SW Evostar 90/900Moon
12/17/2020SW Evostar 90/900Moon, Great Conjunction
12/18/2020SW Evostar 90/900Great Conjunction
12/20/2020SW Evostar 90/900Mars
02/13/2021Vixen ED80SfM42, M451st light Vixen ED80sf 1st light SW HEQ5pro.
1st DSO!
1st DARKS!
1st Polar align!
1st Tracking!
1st Long Exposure!
Orion Nebula and Pleiades
02/20/2021Vixen ED80SfM31, M42, Leo TripletAndromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula and a Galaxy Group
02/21/2021Vixen ED80SfM31, B33Andromeda Galaxy and Horse Head Nebula
02/24/2021Vixen ED80SfM45Sahara dust and Full Moon.
Sahara Dust and Full Moon
02/28/2021Vixen ED80SfM33, M42, M44, M45, Moon1st Guiding!
Astrophoto: Triangulum Galaxy
03/01/2021Vixen ED80SfM44, M451st FLATS!
03/02/2021Vixen ED80SfM42, M45Astrophoto: Pleiades
03/05/2021Vixen ED80SfC49
03/06/2021Vixen ED80SfC49Astrophoto: Rosette Nebula
03/29/2021Vixen ED80SfSH2-252
03/30/2021Vixen ED80SfSH2-252
03/31/2021Vixen ED80SfSH2-252Astrophoto: Monkey Head Nebula
04/12/2021Vixen ED80SfM81, M821st INDI/EKOS! use.
1st Dithering!
Astrophoto: Bode‘s Galaxy and Cigar Galaxy
04/23/2021Vixen ED80SfM101Astrophoto: Pinwheel Galaxy
04/27/2021Vixen ED80SfM44Astrophoto: Beehive Cluster
06/13/2021Vixen ED80Sf, Olympus Zuiko MC 200Markarian‘s Chain1st Piggyback!
Astrophoto: Markarian‘s Chain
06/26/2021Vixen ED80SfM131st Platesolving!
1st light Flattener!
Astrophoto: Great Hercules Cluster
07/18/2021Vixen ED80SfNGC 6914Astrophoto: NGC 6914
07/19/2021Vixen ED80SfM13
08/08/2021Vixen ED80SfSaturn, JupiterAstrophoto: Saturn and Jupiter
08/24/2021Vixen ED80SfFlattener Tests.
09/03/2021Vixen ED80SfIC 1396A1st light Duo-Narrowband!
09/04/2021Vixen ED80SfIC 1396A
09/05/2021Vixen ED80SfIC 1396AAstrophoto: Elephant‘s Trunk Nebula
09/22/2021Vixen ED80SfUV/IR Cut Filter Tests.
10/08/2021Vixen ED80SfFlattener Tests.
10/10/2021Vixen ED80SfM39Flattener Tests.
10/24/2021Vixen ED80SfM39Flattener Tests.
Astrophoto: M39
10/28/2021Vixen ED80SfFlattener Tests.
11/22/2021Vixen ED80SfM31
11/24/2021Vixen ED80SfM31Astrophoto: Andromeda Galaxy
12/09/2021Vixen ED80SfC1 2021 A11st Comet!
Astrophoto: Comet Leonard
12/17/2021Vixen ED80SfGreat Conjunction
12/20/2021Vixen ED80SfM45, B33
12/21/2021Vixen ED80SfM45, B33Astrophoto: Horsehead Nebula
Astrophoto: Pleiades
12/30/2021Vixen ED80SfFlattener Tests Indoor.
02/12/2022SW Evostar 90/900Sonne1st light Herschel Wedge!
Astrophoto: Sun
02/15/2022SW Evostar 90/900Sonne
02/21/2022SW Evostar 90/900Sonne
02/232022SW Evostar 90/900Sonne
02/26/2022Olympus Zuiko MC 200M421st use Vixen Polarie!
02/27/2022Olympus Zuiko MC 200M42Astrophoto: Orion Region
03/23/2022Vixen ED80SfM35, NGC 2158Astrophoto: M35 and NGC 2158
03/24/2022Vixen ED80SfGalaxy Group M96Astrophoto: Galaxy Group M96
03/25/2022Vixen ED80SfLeoIDwarf, RegulusAstrophoto: Leo I Dwarf Galaxy
03/27/2022SW Evostar 90/900SunAstrophoto: Sun
03/27/2022Vixen ED80SfM81, M82, NGC 3077Astrophoto: Bode’s, Cigar and Garland Galaxy
05/28/2022Vixen ED80SfSN2022hrs, NGC 46491st Supernova!
Astrophoto: SN2022hrs
06/04/2022Vixen ED80SfM13Astrophoto: Great Hercules Cluster
06/14/2022Vixen ED80Sfsomething unsuccessful.
06/20/2022Vixen ED80SfVega, NGC 6633Flattener Test.
06/29/2022Vixen ED80SfC/2017 K2Astrophoto: Comet Panstarrs
07/02/2022Vixen ED80SfNGC 6633Astrophoto: NGC 6633
07/04/2022Vixen ED80SfMoon, Sh2-86Astrophoto: Moon
07/15/2022Vixen ED80SfSh2-86
07/16/2022Vixen ED80SfSh2-86Astrophoto: Sh2-86
08/07/2022Vixen ED80SfC33
08/08/2022Vixen ED80SfC33Astrophoto: Eastern Veil Nebula
08/12/2022Vixen ED80SfSunAstrophoto: Sun and Moon
08/12/2022Vixen ED80SfMoon, SaturnAstrophoto: Sun and Moon
08/20/2022Vixen ED80SfIC 5070Astrophoto: Pelican Nebula
08/30/2022VC200LIC 5070Astrophoto: Pelican Nebula
09/22/2022VC200LM27Astrophoto: Dumbbell Nebula
09/30/2022VC200LJupiterAstrophoto: Jupiter
10/04/2022VC200LSaturnAstrophoto: Saturn
10/06/2022VC200LJupiter, Saturn
10/09/2022VC200LMoon, JupiterAstrophoto: Moon
Astrophoto: Jupiter and Galilean Moons
10/25/2022SW Evostar 90/900Solar Eclipse1st Solar Eclipse!
Astrophoto: Solar Eclipse
11.01/2022VC200LSaturn, Jupiter, MoonAstrophoto: Saturn

Astrophoto: Jupiter
12/12/2022VC200LMarsAstrophoto: Mars
01/03/2023Olympus Zuiko MC 200Moon, MarsAstrophoto: Moon and Mars
01/11/2023Olympus Zuiko MC 135Mars, M45Astrophoto: Mars and Pleiades
01/17/2023SW Evostar 90/900SunAstrophoto: Sun
01/21/2023VC200LC/2022 E3Astrophoto: Comet ZTF
02/08/2023VC200LC/2022 E3Astrophoto: Comet ZTF
02/08/2023VC200LM42Astrophoto: Orion Nebula
02/13/2023Olympus Zuiko MC 135C/2022 E3, Mars, Mel 26
02/28/2023VC200LC251st fully mobile camp!
Astrophoto: Intergalactic Wanderer
03/01/2023VC200LMoon, StarsAstrophoto: Moon
Astrophoto: Starcollection
03/02/2023VC200LVenus, Jupiter ConjunctionAstrophoto: Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
03/11/2023VC200LVenusAstrophoto: Venus
03/30/2023FS-60cbMoon1st light FS-60cb!
Astrophoto: Moon
04/09/2023Markajan Chain
04/19/2023VC200LM531st OAG!
Astrophoto: Messier 53
05/17/2023VC200LM3out of focus.
05/18/2023VC200LM97Astrophoto: Owl Nebula
05/24/2023VC200LM97, M3Astrophoto: Owl Nebula
Astrophoto: Messier 3
06/05/2023VC200LM101Astrophoto: Pinwheel Galaxy
06/11/2023VC200LM13Astrophoto: Great Hercules Cluster
06/14/2023VC200LAbell 2151
06/15/2023VC200LAbell 2151
06/16/2023VC200LAbell 2151Astrophoto: Abell 2151
06/24/2023SW Evostar 90/900SunAstrophoto: Sun, summer solstice
07/07/2023FS-60cbM16Astrophoto: Eagle Nebula
08/09/2023BTC95M131st light Baader Travel Companion 95/580!
08/21/2023BTC95NGC 6914
08/22/2023BTC95NGC 6914
08/23/2023BTC95NGC 6914Astrophoto: NGC 6914
09/03/2023BTC95Moon1st light Pegasus Indigo OAG!
Astrophoto: Cloudy Moon
09/04/2023BTC95C12, NGC 6939
09/05/2023BTC95C12, NGC 6939
09/06/2023BTC95C12, NGC 6939
09/07/2023BTC95C12, NGC 6939Astrophoto: Fireworks Galaxy and NGC 6939
09/10/2023BTC95C4Astrophoto: Iris Nebula
09/14/2023VC200LM29Astrophoto: Messier 29
09/23/2023VC200LTests. Focus and Calibration.
09/25/2023BTC95Sh2-142Astrophoto: Wizard Nebula
09/30/2023VC200LJupiter, MoonAstrophoto: Jupiter
Astrophoto: Mare Crisium
10/01/2023VC200LSaturn, Jupiter, MoonAstrophoto: Saturn
10/02/2023VC200LC16, MoonAstrophoto: Caldwell 16
Astrophoto: Moon
12/17/2023Olympus OM MC 135mmC41
12/18/2023Olympus OM MC 135mmC41Astrophoto: Caldwell 41

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