Sky-Watcher HEQ5 PRO Hypertuning

After some months of thinking, my new high end APO and some bad guiding results forced me to find my luck in hypertuning my Sky-Watcher HEQ5 PRO mount.

After some really unsatisfying guiding results in the last few weeks I saw me forced to find my luck in hypertuning my Sky-Watcher HEQ5 PRO.
Since there are already awesome instruction videos out there, i am not going to describe the process here. Instead I will link the videos I used as instructions.

My reasons for hypertuning

  • I was no longer able to repeat good guiding results. Sometimes I did guiding <1″ and sometimes >1,5″.
  • I had a lot of break outs. I was not really able so get any 5 minute exposures without guiding problems.
  • I saw one of the reasons in difficult balancing due to phyical resistance.
  • Backlash was not the issue.

Used material for hypertuning

  • 4x ball bearings SKF 628/9-2RS1
  • 6x ball bearings SKF 6006-2RS1
  • 2x ball bearings SKF 30205 J2/Q
  • Grease OKS 495
SKF ball bearings HEQ5 pro hypertuning
SKF ball bearings for HEQ5 pro hypertuning. 4x 628/9-2RS1, 6x 6006-2RS1, 2x 30205 J2/Q

Used Instructions

I have nothing to add to this instructions, since they explained everything I needed.
The only thing not mentioned in both videos is doing a polar scope calibration after reassambling the mount.

Results after hypertuning

The first important result is, that the physical resistance is very much better on both axis than before. I got exactly the same results as shown in both instruction videos. The best part about it, in my eyes, is that it is a lot easier now to find a good balance on both axis.

At the first evening after hypertuning I was able to guide with <0,5″. I think it was worth it.

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