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Astrophoto: Pleiades – Messier 45 – 12/21

I found unused M45 data while organizing my astrophoto data. The Pleiades data is from 2021, the telescope already sold and the picture reprocessed after a single month due to a new plugin.

71 subs each 180s collected at the end of 2021 and found unused in november 2023. I sold the used telescope already, but I had to process the data.


Only one month after using this older material I reprocessed the astrophoto. The reason was, that the PixInsight plugin BlurXTerminiator was much better that I expected. Here is the old result:

Messier 45, M45, The Pleiades
Messier 45, M45, The Pleiades – Processed after 2 years.

High resolution on AstroBin:

Technical overview

TelescopeVixen ED80sf
Focal Length600mm
Erecting LenseTSFlat2
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Guiding Equipment162 mm
Guiding CameraOmegon Pro 1200b
Photography Date12/20/2021
Exposure-Time Lights71x180s
Correction framesFLATS, BIASES
SensitivityISO 800
Post Processing Date11/20/2023
Reprocessing Date12/12/2023
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany

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