About me

About me and my Astrophoto-Blog:

My name is Thomas Hanrath, I live in Koblenz, Germany. As most other people taking astrophotos today, i had a small telescope when i was a child. But all i really observed was Moon and Sun (with a sun-filter ofcourse).

at Deutsches Eck in Koblenz with my Brompton Bike.

How Astrophotography started

In 2020 the comet Neowise brought new life into my attention for astronomie. My only equipment was my EOS 100 with the default objective, but i took a small Neowise-Photo.

In the next few months i observed Mars while the planet was in opposition to earth. I was able to shoot some nice pictures with my son’s small refractor and my M100. The great conjunction in december was the highlight with this setup before i moved to my own equipment. Now we can use my eqipment for astrophotography and his for visual observing at the same time together.

Together with my son in our backyard, visual and taking astrophotos at the same time.

My blogging activities in the past

Blogging and Community Reward: “Regional Lead Germany | Microsoft Certified Trainer” 2013-2020

microsoftlearning Blog (2012-2017)

My most important and first blog. I worked as a technical trainer for Microsoft Datacenter Software Producs around the year 2010 to 2017 and wrote more than 200 blogarticles in those years.
These blogging rewarded me the official Microsoft title “Regional Lead Germany | Microsoft Certified Trainer”.

systemcenter Blog (2015-2018)

In my second blog i wrote and published round about 110 technical blogarticles about the Microsoft System Center Suite. i moved these articles to the blog of a friend when i stopped my own technical blog. They are still online under his design: old technical articles

projectmanagement Blog (2019)

My 3rd and shortest blogging activities count only 15 articles. They are still online:
I had to stop writing about projectmanagement topics, because i simply made my way up too fast 🙂