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Orion Nebula and Pleiades – Clear Sky 1

An evening in february in 2021. The first evening under clear skies with my new telescope. The first time hunting for deep sky objects.
The very first photo with an deep sky object was the Orion Nebula. It felt lika a miracle.

The evening

It was truely the first evening mit my new APO on a real mount. It was the 1st time with so many things this evening.

The first time leveled the mount and moved it to the right direction, to Polaris. The first time controlling a DSLR with a PC. This evening i used my old CANON EOS 1000D, since i was not yet able to control my CANON EOS M100.

After digging a lot in the dark this evening, an object came to the display which was not only star. The Orion Nebula.

This is the result of my first post processing which is not very different compared to the single exposure shots 🙂
I think this might have been 4 frames with an exposure of 60s each at ISO 1600. No BIASES, no DARKS, no FLATS – nothing!

The same for the second object of this evening: The Pleiades. With the very short exposure time i used on this evening, this is not a very spectacular photo, but it was an important step :).

I stacked a handfull of frames with Deep Sky Stacker and stretched them with GIMP. If one do some more stretching here, you see noise everywhere.

Lessons Learned

The evening was the first light. For the telescope and for me. Everything was new to me and a new experience.

The most important experience of the evening: It works!
Stumbling around, but it works. I did only a few shots and it was all new to me. Also the stacking was new. Post processing and stretching has been a new wording to me and google was my best friend 🙂

The results on this page are my very first deep sky objects. Stacked with DSS (Deep Sky Stacker) and stretched (a little bit) with GIMP.

There was no thinking about guiding … Star alignment or platesolving were things i have never heard of to that day. To target these objects i klicked a bit left or right close to the object on the star map. …

But in the End, I was very happy!

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