Astrophotography Open Cluster Planet Reflection Nebula

Astrophoto: Mars and Pleiades – Messier 45 – 01/23

Mars and Pleiades on one Astrophoto, i had it in my mind for some time now. Weather was a mess, but it worked.

Astrophotography Emission Nebula Open Cluster Reflection Nebula

Astrophoto: Sharpless 86 – 07/22

8,5 hours of RGB and duo narrowband data. Processed with Pixinsight.

Reflection Nebula

NGC 6914

NGC 6914 is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cygnus that appears as a blue glow caused by the scattering of light from hot, young stars by the dust in the nebula.

Open Cluster Reflection Nebula

Messier 45 – The Pleiades

The Pleiades are an open star cluster composed of young, hot stars and visible in the sky as part of the Taurus constellation.

Astrophotography Reflection Nebula

Astrophoto: NGC 6914 – 07/21

The picture of the reflection nebula NGC 6914 (blue) was the first attempt with my newly attached flattener without any further optimization.

Astrophotography Open Cluster Reflection Nebula

Astrophoto: Pleiades – Messier 45 – 03/21

Clear Skies 6, 7 and a little bit of the 5th. This photo is the result of 5 hours exposure time collected on 3 evenings. A 4th evening was senseless due to some Sahara dust in Europe.

Astrophotography Emission Nebula Open Cluster Reflection Nebula

Orion Nebula and Pleiades – Clear Sky 1

An evening in february in 2021. The first evening under clear skies with my new telescope. The first time hunting for deep sky objects.
The very first photo with an deep sky object was the Orion Nebula. It felt lika a miracle.

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