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Astrophoto: Surfboard-Galaxy and Owl Nebula – 03/24

Galaxy season has begun. This year, I’m kicking it off with the Surfboard Galaxy and the Baader Travel Companion.

This year, I started the galaxy season with a larger field. It was simply for technical reasons. I wanted to successfully confirm the changes to the configuration before switching the focal length.

Full resolution on Astrobin:

Technical overview

TelescopeBaader Travel Companion 95/580
Focal Length590mm
Erecting LenseBaader M68 Field Flattener
CameraCANON EOS R(a)
Guiding EquipmentPegasus Astro Indigo OAG
Guiding CameraQHY 5-III-462C
MountSkywatcher HEQ5 Pro, Belt and Hypertuned
Photography Date03/08/2024
Exposure-Time Lights41×300
Correction framesFLATS, BIASES, DARKS
SensitivityISO 1600
Processing Date03/09/2024
Software StackStellarmate OS/EKOS/INDI, PixInsight, Affinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany

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