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Astrophoto: Messier 29 – 09/23

Open star clusters are always welcome targets when it is clear that the weather will not hold in the coming days, and only a limited amount of exposure time will be available.

37 Subs each 60s with my Vixen VC200L VISAC at 1800mm focal length on my HEQ5pro with my CANON EOS M100(a) in Koblenz, Germany.
Stacking and integration was done with PixInsight.

High resolution on Flickr:

Messier 29

Technical overview

TelescopeVixen VISAC VC200L
Focal Length1800mm
Erecting Lense
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Guiding EquipmentPegasus Astro Indigo OAG
Guiding CameraQHY 5-III-462C
Photography Date09/14/2023
Exposure-Time Lights37x180s
Correction framesFLATS, BIASES, DARKS
SensitivityISO 800
Processing Date09/16/2023
Reprocessing Date02/01/2024
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany

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