When should NoiseXTerminator be used, in linear or non-linear state?

I wanted to know if there is a difference in quality if NoiseXTerminator is used in linar state or in non linear state.

The results with NoiseXTerminator are awesome. When tested with a predefined set of stretching intensity levels, the results – for me – are identical. No matter if used before or after stretching.

For me, this means that I ll keep the denoise with NoiseXTerminator in linear state. For me it makes no sense to stretch noise I can get rid off, even if the endresult is the same.

In my PixInsight workflow I use it after color calibration (for example SPCC) and maybe some deconvolution but before stretching the picture.

Noise X Terminiator - linear or nonlinear
Left: Noise X Terminator not used, Middle: Noise X Terminator used on linear picture, Right: Noise X Terminator used on stretched picture.

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