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Astrophoto: Mars – 11/04/2020

Mars, my very first object i shot through a telescope.

The Mars in opposition Session

Astrophoto Mars opposition 11/2020.
In October and November 2020, Mars in opposition was my very first astronomical object. I shot this photo with only manual techniques. I think the result is not that bad.

Mars size and apparent size

Astrophoto Mars opposition 11/2020 Apparent Dimension
Mars apparent dimension in September 2021.

The distance between Earth and Mars was about 72.274.000 km on 4th Nov. 2020. On that day his apparent dimension was about 20 arc seconds. At his most distanced point in September 2021 Mars apparent dimension will be only about 3,5 arc seconds. In comaprison, the Full Moon got a size of 30 arc minutes or 1800 arc seconds.

Technical overview of Astrophoto Mars opposition 11/2020

TelescopeSkywatcher Evostar 90
Focal Length900mm
Aperture ratio10
Erecting Lense
MountSkywatcher EQ-2
Mount Control
Guiding Scope Focal Length
Guiding Camera Chip
Guiding Camera Resolution
Guiding Software
CameraCANON EOS M100
Camera angle
Camera Control
Photography Date11/04/2020
Exposure-Time LightsAVI 10.000 Frames
Post Processing Date11/05/2020
Stacking, IntegrationPIPP
Post Processing SoftwareAutoStakkert
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany
LightpollutionBortle 5
Scattered lightstrong

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