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Andromeda Galaxy and Horse Head Nebula – Clear Sky 3

On the third evening i focused on the Andromeda Galaxy and I used PixInsight the 1st time in postprocessing.

The Evening

The third evening was to photograph the Andromeda Galaxy. Something i learnd meanwhile was: Longer exposure times and longer exposure time in general. At least in comparison to the days before i did some longer and more exposures. And i tested the trial version of PixInsight using some guides from the web.

The Andromedagalaxy

I took about 90 photos. About 2/3 of them at 60s and the other third at 120s exposuretime. I had to sort out a lot of them, since I still did not guide, yet. All photos at ISO 1250. It’s clear, that i was still in my wild experimenting time.

Reading a few guides on the web using PixInsight and after finding a worflow using it for the Andromeda Galaxy i came out with this result:

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
The first of two objects on this third evening with my first APO. The Andromeda Galaxy again. This time with a bit more exposure time.
M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
Two weeks later and with two weeks of additional experience with PixInsight i came out with this result.

The Horsehead Nebula

I took some shots of the nebua that evening. After my first viewings of the material i sorted it out already.

I had 25 Photos with different exposure time. All between 30s and 300s.

As the Orion Region comes closer to the horizon by end of march, i decided not to take any other photos of Barnard 33 until next season. Therefor i decided to process the few material with PixInsight. With a look at the exposure time, i really like the result and cant wait to go for the nebula again next season.

Barnard 33 Horsehead Nebula
The Horse Head Nebula with the unmodded CANON M100 with too few exposure time.

In December i re-stacked the material for fun with Affinity Photo. The result is different, but not really better. Missing data stays missing data 🙂

Barnard 33 - Horsehead Nebula
The most famous dark nebula was the seconds object on this third evening. Barnard 33, the Horsehead Nebula.

Lessons Learned

Well, the problems to solve in future became even more:

  • Mount and telescope alignment – it gets better and better
  • Star alignment – this starts driving me crazy
  • still no guiding
  • too short exposure time
  • post processing
  • Horsehead Nebula and unmodded EOS is not the best combination

There is a lot to learn and to master, and even more things not listed here yet …

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