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Astrophoto: Jupiter and Galilean Moons – 10/09/2022

Jupiter and the 4 Galilean Moons. Shot at Full Moon evening with APS-C and 4500mm focal length.

It was an evening with Full Moon and forced to use my APS-C camera when i thought i could try to make a photo of Jupiter and its 4 Galilean Moons. One of the basic steps was, that i needed two videos. One with brightness fitting to Jupiter and one with brightness fitting to the Moons.
Both videos were then processed as usual in PIPP, AutoStackert and Registax. The final combination was done in Affinity Photo.

Jupiter and the Galilean Moons
Jupiter and the Galilean Moons. From left to right: Ganymede, Io, Europa, Callisto

Technical overview

Focal Length4500mm
Aperture ratio22.5
Erecting Lense2,5x Televue Powermate
MountSkywatcher HEQ-5
Mount ControlINDI
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Movie resolution1280×720, 50/s
Methodfocal projection
Camera Controlnative
Photography Date09.10.2022
Exposure-Time Lights2x 25% out of 10.000 Frames
SensitivityISO 1600
Post Processing Date10.10.2022
Stacking, IntegrationPIPP, AutoStackert
Post Processing SoftwareRegistax
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany
LightpollutionBortle 5
Scattered lightstrong

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