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Astrophoto: Saturn – 10/04/2022

I had a sky full of faint clouds. I had enough time to get a photo between them.

Four days after I finally got my Jupiter photo, I took the chance to make one of Saturn between some clouds.

The evening was to test some things with my QHY after some INDI driver updates. The camera worked today and I have to see if she also will work in future. But my process was not good enough to handle a camera with a chip that small. In the end I used my EOS M100 to take a 3-minute video of Saturn and convert it into a photo.

Technical overview

Focal Length4500mm
Aperture ratio22.5
Erecting Lense2,5x Televue Powermate
MountSkywatcher HEQ-5
Mount ControlINDI
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Movie resolution1920×1080
Methodfocal projection
Camera angle-90°
Camera Control
Photography Date04.10.2022
Exposure-Time Lights25% out of 10.000 Frames
SensitivityISO 1600
Post Processing Date04.10.2022
Stacking, IntegrationPIPP, AutoStackert
Post Processing SoftwareRegistax
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany
LightpollutionBortle 5
Scattered lightstrong

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