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Astrophoto: Messier 39 – 10/21

Messier 39 – Reprocessed version (december 2023) based on data from october 2021.

I shot several photos, more than i remembered, from M39 on two of those evenings in october when i tried to configure the flattener.

Here the high resolution astrophoto on Flickr:

Messier 39

Lessons Learned

What i learned is, that my next refractor will be a flat field refractor!

Same data – advanced processing

even if the final astrophoto looks somewhat nice. A closer look to a single exposure shows that i did not yet found the best distance between flattener and sensor. Especially with a look into the corners:

Flattenertest Astrophoto M39 Clear Skies 23+24
Flattenertest Astrophoto M39.

Technical overview

TelescopeVIXEN ED80sf
Focal Length600mm
Erecting LenseTSFlat2
Guiding Scope Focal Length162 mm
Guiding CameraOmegon 1200b
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Photography Date10/10/2021
Exposure-Time Lights48x180s
CalibrationframesFLATS, BIASES
SensitivityISO 400
Processing Date12/23/2021
Reprocessing Date12/15/2023
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany

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