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Astrophoto: Intergalactic Wanderer – Caldwell 25 – 02/23

My very first astrophoto with my mobile Astrophoto-Camp.

An evening with some blacks and whites. This was my very first evening on the field with my mobile battery power supply.

It was a bit annoying, that i forgot a part for my guiding cam. Luckily I could use a spare part of a friend for some time before he needed it himself. That way i was able to get 30 minutes of exposure time.

The final result was not more than acceptable. But since the evening was very special to me, I wanted to have a result.

High resolution on Flickr:

Caldwell 25

Technical overview

TelescopeVixen VISAC VC200L
Focal Length1800mm
Aperture ratio9
Erecting Lense
MountSkywatcher HEQ-5
Mount ControlINDI
Guiding Scope Focal Length240 mm
Guiding CameraQHY 5-III-462C
Guiding SoftwareEKOS, INDI
Dithering3 pixel
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Methodfocal projection
Camera angle45°
Camera ControlEKOS, INDI, Gphoto2
Motor-FocusPegasusAstro FC2U
Photography Date02/28/2023
Exposure-Time Lights4x300s + 10x60s (unguided)
Correction framesFLATS, BIASES
SensitivityISO 400
Processing Date03/05/2023
Reprocessing Date02/18/2024
Stacking, IntegrationPixInsight
Processing SoftwarePixInsight
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceBecheln, Germany
LightpollutionBortle 4
Scattered lightlow

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