Sahara Dust and Full Moon

An evening with photos like cold milk.

The evening named “Dust and Moon“

This evening the Plejades and the Triangulum Galaxy were my targets, at least in my head. In reality i lost against the natural influences of Sahara Dust and Full Moon this evening.

M33 Sahara Dust vs Good Viewing
Two times the same part of single frames with same exposure time and identical ISO. Left: February 24th with Saharadust and moon, Right: 4 days later under good viewing conditions.

The weather report said: Sahara Dust. People in love should be blind. Adults with new astro equipment are possibly (at least for the 1st time) also blind. 🙂

Lessons Learned with Sahara Dust and Full Moon

If even moonlight alone is enough for an astrophotograph not to take photos as on any other day, the combination with desert sand does not make it better.

At least i had another evening of scope alignment, leveling the mount and material and also another evening of star alignment.

But there are evenings when its not time to go out with the telescope.

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