Astrophoto: Moon in Mineral Colors – 08/21

The Moon in mineral colors. I saw this fascinating method of blue and brown colors in several astrophoto groups around the internet. I had to test this myself.

The Moon as an astrophoto object

Astrophoto Moon in Mineral Colors 08-21.
The Moon, another astrophoto of the Moon after doing some telescope, guiding or whatever test. This time it was not the Moon photo itself which i was interested in. This time I wanted to test the post processing to get and demonstrate the beautiful mineral colors.

Beside that, the Moon is always worth to take some photos. Here the high resolution Astrophoto on my Flickr account:

Mineral Moon

The Moon in mineral colors

This time, the astrophoto is a single exposure. The photo, as it comes out of the camera, was not my primary goal. Furthermore i wanted to show the Moon in mineral colors as I saw them a few times in several Facebook astro-photo groups.

The work to get the mineral colors out of the single exposure photo is more or less limited to edit the color saturation of the photo. I realized this in the software Affinity Photo.

Technical overview of Astrophoto Moon in Mineral Colors 08-21

TelescopeVIXEN ED80sf
Focal Length600mm
Aperture ratio7.5
Erecting Lense
MountSkywatcher HEQ-5
Mount ControlINDI
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Methodfocal projection
Camera angle
Camera ControlEKOS, INDI, Gphoto2
Post Processing Date14.05.2021
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany

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