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Cable Management – Done

One thing everyone got to do sooner or later: Cable Management. I did it building my own USB-Hub-Carrier.

Cable Management – a mandatory step

Cable management is something that i always wanted to get done. My idea was to build a USB-Hub next to the telescope, so that all cables, data and power cables, got short ways and can always stay in place.

Cable Management – The USB Hub

I needed a new one anyway, so my requirements were as follows:

  • 2 Pure Power Slots
  • 5 or more Data Slots

I came up with TP-Link, USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 2 Charging Ports

Under nomal conditions I only need 1 Power Slot for the DSLR and 2 Data ports. One for the guidescope and one for the DSLR. The second charging port can be used for a Piggyback Cam or dew heating band.

How to attach the hub to the telescope

It took me some time until the ideas grew up.
I build my own holder using the 3D-printer of my son:

Cable Management: 3D USB-Hub holder
Modell of the 3D USB-Hub holder.

In total 4 parts are needed. One ofe them:

Cable Management: Holder 3d printed
One of the printed parts.

Cable Management – Building all together

Building all together still needed some planning. It was not a good idea to attach the USB-Hub to the same side as the guilde scope for example. Here is the fully attached result:

Cable Management: 3D printed and attached
All 4 parts printed and attached together holding the USB Hub.

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