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Astrophoto: Andromeda Galaxy OSC with H-Alpha Layer

I just re-processed my November-Data. My first Galaxy-Photo with DSLR OSC with H-Alpha Layer.

Andromeda Galaxy OSC with H-Alpha Layer

I just reprocessed my November-Data in PixInsight. In November, I collected photons of M31 at two evenings. At one evening i collected RGB with my DSLR OSC and on the second i used my Duo-Narrowband-Filter, just to see if it works. Now i reprocessed Andromeda Galaxy OSC with H-Alpha Layer in PixInsight.

I process the data before in Affinity Photo, but without using the HA-data: Astrophoto: Andromeda Galaxy M31, Clear Skies 25+26 –

Meanwhile i use PixInsight for processing my data. Therefore i started to use my unprocessed data. It is really nice, that there are several really nice tutorials out there for literally everything in PixInsight.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy, H-Alpha RGB
Andromeda Galaxy, DSRL OSC with H-Alpha Layer. The little reddish dots are active regions where new stars are born. Just like for example the Orion Nebula in our galactic neighbourhood. – But in another galaxie – just awesome!

Lessons Learned

A photo of a galaxie with a DSRL OSC with H-Alpha-Layer works pretty well, using the right software and the right tutorial.

The processing in Pixinsight is no witchcraft. But what i saw really fast, is that my 23 duo-narrowband-photos with 180s each at 7.5 is really not enough H-Alpha Data of M31. Yes, i collected photons, but the noise is something i had to handle while doing the processing. But since i had data, i wanted to use them and see whats possible.

The first steps in PixInsight were the WeightedBatchProcessing Script. I ran it two times. 1st time to get 3 Master-Files for the RGB-stack and the 2nd time with the data of the duo-narrowband-evening. This second stack holds the HA-Data in the Red-Channel.

I used the Tutorial of “Entering into Space”: (60) How to Imaging and Process M31 In Ha LRGB – YouTube

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