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Takahashi FS-60CB First Light with TS-OAG9

Star Test with this setup: Takahashi FS-60CB, 1.04 Flattener, APS-C, TS-OAG9, Pegasus Astro Focus Cube and a self-printed Adapter.

This result is a 120 seconds single exposure, guided with the TS-OAG9 and the QHY 462C using the Pegasus Astro focus cube. And all this with a self-designed and self-printed adapter to replace the Takahashi EOS Adapter with the TS-OAG9.

Single exposure result of Regulus

This single exposure result is a 120 seconds guided frame. Used DBE in Pixinsight and stretched it. No other corrections done.

I LOVE THESE ROUND STARS! I have to get a Full Frame Camera!

Here is an analysis picture made with Pixinsight showing the corners. Since this is a not corrected single frame shot the are hot and cold pixels in this picture.

FS-60CB first light star analysis
The Star-Analysis Result for my Takahashi FS-60CB First Light with TS-OAG9, PA Focus Cube, Takahashi 1.04 Flattener and Self-Printed Adapter. Absolutely awesome. 120s single exposure, OAG guided.

Regulus is a beast and still looks nice. High clouds were already coming in and guiding was a mess. I cant wait to see real results!

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