My first dithering!

As a beginner in astrophotography there comes the day, when you stumble on dithering. And it is worth using it.

My first time!

My first dithering: Since I am using beginner equipment, i use the nice, cheap but under windows unsupported CANON EOS M100.

On this screenshot you can see my first time ever using this method!

My first dithering - EKOS-graph
My very first dithering! 🙂

CANON Banding

Some CANON DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras should have a problem with CANON Banding. There are nice tools in PixInsight and other software to fix it, but maybe it is possible to avoid it. Here are a few examples of CANON Banding: How does CANON Banding look like? –


Here one of the old pictures with some banded noise, this is not CANON Banding:

My first dithering - without dither
Noise from top to bottom.

And now, a 30 minutes first technical test with dithering:

My first dithering - with dither
Technical test with 10x180s exposure and almost no post-processing. And with a beautiful even grey background!

Dark Frames

From this day on I stopped making dark frames. This gives more time to collect photons and with dithering, they are simply not needed to get good results.

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